San Diego Asian American Repertory Theater is a professional, non-profit performing arts organization now celebrating its 15th year anniversary. We are San Diego's premier contemporary Asian American theater company.


"'mainstream' is fed by many smaller streams and ours is as valid and important as any."

-- Louie Nguyen, Former SDAART Board President

Our mission: To create theatrical productions that celebrate the Asian American experience, to present fresh perspectives on traditional works, and to further develop and educate adult and youth Asian American artists in their craft.

Our values and vision: By preserving traditions that emphasize education, balanced family values, and the respect of history and senior generations, SDAART strives to foster community, peace, and awareness among different cultures and generations, while introducing new artistic voices that help to incorporate changes of the present with learnings from the past.

Our goals: SDAART hopes to give flesh and voice to under-recognized Asian American plays and stage works by new and established artists to help bridge cross-generational and cross-cultural gaps and transcend stereotypes. Our work pushes participants to re-think their image and pre-judgments of Asian Americans, increasing knowledge and awareness of the diverse experiences in the United States. AART strives to develop an Endowment which would help make the dramatic process and production a continuing reality, thus enhancing the San Diego arts community and literary landscape in general


SDAART was formed in November 1995 by five local Asian/Pacific American artists (Vince Soberano - founding Artistic Director 1995-1996, Andy Lowe - Artistic Director 1997-2005, Jennifer Wong, Jyl Kaneshiro, and Donna Maglalang), and incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 1999 by Arnold Marquez. Pooling talents in performance, dance, playwrighting, design, and directing, this small ensemble built the foundation of today's full production company. (Click here for a complete list of past shows.)

......WHAT WE DO

Over 15 years, our body of work has surpassed 36 productions and included 5 world premieres. Our primary focus is plays by Asian American authors, but our history includes dance, performance art, and works by Sam Shepard, Harold Pinter, Christopher Durang, Terrence McNally, and David Mamet.

SDAART has had thriving relationships with several arts organizations, including the San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF), San Diego Black Ensemble Theatre (SDBET), and Asian Story Theater (AST) where the Asian Americas project is an ongoing effort to collect, preserve, and dramatize the stories and oral histories of Americans of Asian descent. SDAFF's focus on promoting Asian American cinematic talent blends perfectly with AART's mission to give voice to the Asian American theatrical talent. And the SDBET has a long history of collaboration with AART, sharing artists, designers, and technicians since our first season in 1995.


SDAART is dedicated to the production of plays by Asian American dramatists, and the development and support of Asian American theater artists. These plays generally, but not exclusively, feature the voices of the Asian American community. Such plays give actors opportunities to perform in roles they would otherwise have little chance to do in "mainstream" theatres. Similarly, the production of non-Asian plays has always been a vital part of our work, giving audiences a chance to see Asian Americans as simply, Americans -- beyond race, beyond preconceptions, beyond boundaries.

Through theater, we strive to build awareness and appreciation of the many different cultures and sensibilities that comprise the Asian community. SDAART's ability to serve as an "intercultural crossroads" is an integral part of our company philosophy.


None of SDAART happens without people like you. Thank you!

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