Ticket revenues provide the majority of our operating budget, but not all. As an SDAART supporter, you can help make up the difference, enabling us to bring compelling theatre to San Diego from a unique perspective to be found nowhere else.

Your tax-deductible gift helps provide performance space, wood and paint for our sets, postcards to get the word out, and the program you hold in your hands while waiting for the lights to go down. You keep our phones and website up and running, and allow us to produce critically acclaimed work.

By contributing, you help entertain and educate through works that build awareness and appreciation of the many different cultures and sensibilities that comprise the Asian community. Click on ABOUT US to learn more about who we are, and why we're here.

Volunteer support is always welcome and much-needed. Consider donating services or items to our annual fundraiser silent auctions also - in this win win situation, we will help bring attention to your company while you help support our theatre.

None of SDAART happens without people like you. Thank you!

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Christina Accomondo

Yosh & Marleen Kawahara

Dawn Oliwa

Claire Hsu Accomondo

Jinah Kim

Lizbeth and Peter Price

Claire Anderson

Lee Ann Kim

Elise K. Prosser

Mo Chaaban, Ph.D.

Tani Koh

Ron Ranson

Dr. Gary Chun

James Kwei

Marc Reyes

Dr. Carrie Carter

Trent Lawley

Carla Reyes

Audie & Thelma de Castro

Billy Li

Margaret Roberson

Genevieve DePerio
Ed Lim

Alyssa Ross

Carol Elliot

Sally Lorang

Katherine Rountree

Sandra Ellis-Troy

Cherry Lorenzana

Trent Sakamoto

Sam Essex

Bill & Susan Lowe

Jack & Wanda Shea

Dr. Floyd Gaffney

Roselyn Lowe-Webb

Cathy Sun

Placida Gallegos

Alexis Marquez

Levin Sy

Jan Gil

Arnold Marquez

Max Tan

Alex Gonzales

Dr. Marianne McDonald

Gloria Tierney

Dr. Patricia Heras

Maurice and Ree Miller

Dr. Mitsuo Tomita

Annie Hinton

Venus Molina

Tri Tran

Erika Hiramatsu

Stephanie & Stephen Mount

Jocelyn Umayam

V.G. & J.M. Horiye

Louie Nguyen


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